our story

I’m so pleased you’re here reading this. I’m Kelly and I created The Ripple Effect.

Unbeknownst to me at the time of creating the name, I have quite literally created ‘a ripple effect!’

Let me rewind back to the summer of 2019 when on a self-finding mission at a vegan retreat in the Ibiza I had a PROFOUND experience which I later have been told is referred to as a spiritual awakening....

How I describe it is, while in deep relaxation when the crystal bowls were playing all of the issues I’d been carrying around for decades. Self-doubt, lack of direction, exhaustion, pain, sadness felt like I’d taken it out of my body and put it all down on the floor and left it there. Like a switch had happened and this huge wave came over me, like a sense of peace. It was incredible. The next morning I felt like a different person, as the sun came-up I swam out into the Ibiza sea and well…  ‘The Ripple Effect’ was born. I just knew I had to let people know what I had just experienced. 

After leaving Ibiza I decided I would look into what sound therapy was and how I could bring it back home to Brighton where I live. With my wonderful partner Scott and our little Boston Terrier Henry. Who I might add absolutely loves the bowls! 

When I got home from my trip I asked loads of people about singing bowls and no one had heard of them – they thought I was slightly mad! The passion was so strong to tell people and have them experience it that I ended up studying how to play. Fast forward to now and I’m a level 2 sound therapist and massively grateful to have my very own set of alchemy crystal bowls. 

The force has been so strong to help others the way I was helped that the ripples have got bigger and bigger, with more and more people being called to experience these amazing bowls and their frequencies.